Try This!: Moscow Mules at Walt Disney World

You might think this is an odd topic for a post.   I disagree (obviously, because I’m writing it), because I drink so many Moscow Mules I consider myself a “connoisseur” of them.   Seriously.

Moscow Mule on the WDW Drink Menu

The first time I had a Moscow Mule I was browsing the standard drink menu at Disney, lamenting the loss of my most beloved drink, the Citrus Infusion (you can find the recipe here, but its never the same when I make it at home).  I wasn’t seeing anything that jumped out at me.  The best bartender in all of Walt Disney World, Walter, who works at Tambu Lounge, suggested the mule.  I thought, “well this one has a cool cup” and ordered it.

That was the beginning of my love affair with the Moscow Mule.

Moscow Mule from Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian

For those of you who have never had one, its a pretty standard drink.  Vodka (I prefer Tito’s, sometimes then called an “American Mule”, but you may have another favorite), ginger beer (I prefer Goslings, but also like Fever Tree), and lime.  Its light, refreshing, and it comes in a copper cup which makes it seem fancy.

I’ve had Moscow Mules all across Disney property, and my favorite pour is at Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian.  Its really just proportions of vodka/lime/ginger beer, but they get them perfect.

Moscow Mule from the Boathouse at Disney Springs

You might think that its an easy drink to make.  But, despite having one of the better Moscow Mules I’ve had at Tambu Lounge, there is one Disney restaurant that made the worst Moscow Mule I have ever had.  And I don’t say that lightly.  I’ve ordered them everywhere in the US from Florida to Seattle, and I’ve had good ones and bad ones, and this one was objectively the worst.

So, what Disney restaurant is the culprit?  The Boathouse at Disney Springs.  For somewhere so expensive and classy that boasts the drink on their menu, it was SO. BAD.  Way too much lime, an inexplicably large amount of ice, and flat ginger beer.  They use Stoli, and I generally do like Stoli, but it didn’t work with the flavor of the ginger beer.

So, Drinking Ever After, what is the moral of the story?

If you’re looking for a light and refreshing drink, go with the Moscow Mule.  Just, don’t get it from the Boathouse.  Especially if its your first one, it will just tarnish the experience for you.

And, just for good measure because its my favorite drink, I’ve had some kick ass versions of the drink that you should try if you’re ever in any of these locations:

Wood Pizza New Orleans made the best standard Moscow Mule I’ve ever had (on their menu as an American Mule).


Giving points for creativity and their own ginger syrup and charged water, Bar Tonique, also in New Orleans, is an all around amazing bar that serves a great drink.

Another with points for creativity is Copper 29 Bar in Coral Gables, FL.

Try one the next time you go out!  Hopefully, you wont be disappointed.