Disney Tips and Tricks: About being sick at Walt Disney World

On my last trip to Walt Disney World, something happened that everyone dreads on vacation.  I got sick.  I had some kind of cold-flu-coughing-runny nose-sneezing-sore throat sickness that started from about the third day of our trip and unfortunately lasted through the entire vacation.


Being sick on vacation always sucks.  But I did learn a few things while I was there that could be helpful if the same thing happens to you.  I also made a few mistakes.  So, beginning with some things I learned about being sick at Walt Disney World:

  1.  Things like Chapstick, Advil, etc. are sold at Epcot at the Camera Center, the store that is located on the left hand side of the Epcot ball if you’re coming in from the entrance, but you have to ask at the register.
  2. Both Sudafed and Claritin are sold at the hotel gift store at Coronado Springs Resort (and probably the others, too).
  3. You can use your passholder discount to buy toiletries, including Sudafed, at the hotel gift store, giving you 20% off.
  4. Taking a morning (or afternoon, or evening) off from the parks can make a world of difference in how you feel.  I skipped Soarin’ fastpasses at Epcot in favor of sleeping in, and managed to make it through the whole vacation.  I didn’t feel 100%, but still made it to all of my favorites.
  5. Disney does have first aid stations at the parks.  While I did not visit them on this trip, I have in the past due to some kind of allergic reaction, and they were very helpful.  They also have in-room medical services, and complimentary transportation to Florida urgent care.  You can find more information here.


And here are some things I did wrong:

  1.  I did make it through this vacation by taking multiple doses of Sudafed in a day (and Claritin too, when I had tried to convince myself it was “just allergies”), but I shouldn’t have pushed myself so hard to see everything.  I took a morning off, but an afternoon or whole day would have done me a world of good.
  2. Drinking citrus-heavy alcoholic drinks, like the Strawberry-Lemonade Moonshine from Crocketts Tavern at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort (Ole Smoky Strawberry Moonshine, Odwalla Lemonade, Wild Strawberry, and Sprite), is a HORRIBLE IDEA with a sore throat.  The drink was great though.
  3. You’re sick.  I know you’re trying to hide it from whomever you’re traveling with because you feel like you’re going to “ruin the vacation”.  But really, they understand.  People get sick.  Its better to let them know you’re not feeling well so the pace can be slowed, you can sleep in a bit, etc.


So, is the above meme true?  Did I have a bad vacation because I was sick?  NO!  Not at all.  Should I have taken a little bit more time to sleep?  Probably.  But after I found out that many of the things I would have tried had I been home were at the parks/hotel, I did manage to feel a little better.  Those things being Sudafed/Claritin/Advil, lots of hydration (including coffee and/or tea), and sleep.  And also remembering that its not the end of the world, and trying not to let it stress me out.