Full Review: D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs

On the final day of our trip we like to head to Disney Springs, go for a walk, do any last minute shopping, and have lunch before we head home.  With all the new shopping and restaurants at Disney Springs to try, its been a great new last day tradition.

D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs

We tried D-Luxe Burger on our most recent trip, doesn’t it look quaint?  D-Luxe Burger is quick service, you order at a cashier and they give you a pager and you pick up your food, in a bag, around the corner and take it to your table (there is plenty of seating).

As you walk in to D-Luxe Burger

D-Luxe Burger sells, obviously, burgers and fries, and they do it really well considering its their namesake.  I have to say, we were pleasantly surprised by both the quality and quantity of food we got.  It was a bit pricey for burgers and fries, but the food was really great overall.

Barbecue Classic Burger at D-Luxe Burger

We got 2 burgers and a large order of fries.  Pictured above is the Barbecue Classic Burger (Signature Blend topped with a Fried Onion Ring, Smoked Gouda, Bacon, Barbecue Sauce, and Lettuce, $11.99), and below is the Cluck Burger (Ground Chicken Patty, Garlic Herb Sauce, Avocado, Lettuce, and Tomato, $10.99).

Cluck Burger at D-Luxe Burger
Close-up of Cluck Burger at D-Luxe Burger

One of my favorite parts about D-Luxe Burger are the dipping sauces you can try.  Yes, you can get them all, or just a couple, whatever you’d like!  It was fun to try them all and dip the fries into them.  Sauce options include three mustard and honey, garlic ranch, curry ketchup, chipotle mayo, horseradish, and buffalo blue cheese.  There is also your standard mustard and ketchup available.

From the top left:  three mustard and honey, garlic ranch, horseradish, chipotle mayo, regular ketchup, yellow mustard.
Large order of fries at D-Luxe Burger

The fries (above) really stood out.  They’re hand cut, hot and salty and perfect.  The only thing that bothered me is that the large is… pretty small.  While we definitely had enough food the cost/size ratio was a bit off.

Beverage station at D-Luxe Burger

D-Luxe Burger has a really great looking selection of Gelato Shakes and Floats. We did not partake as there was already way too much food, and we got fountain drinks instead, but I’d really love to try one of them at some point. Some of them sound really interesting, like the Smoked Bourbon Gelato Shake, or the Vanilla Porter Gelato Shake, or the Godiva Chocolate and Strawberry Malt Gelato Shake.

I have to say, I also really love the decor of D-Luxe Burger.  Its designed to look like an “old Florida” farmhouse, and its just really cute.  There is ample seating, even outdoor seating, and its really quite nice and comfortable.  They also give you plenty of napkins to go with your gigantic, messy, burger, as you can see above.

The only thing you might need to watch out for is that D-Luxe Burger does not have its own bathroom.  You have to leave the restaurant to go outside to the public Disney Springs bathrooms.  Its not a big deal, but I did wander around for a few minutes before I figured it out.

So Drinking Ever After, what are your thoughts on D-Luxe Burger at Disney Springs?

I really recommend it if you’re looking for burgers and fries.  You might want to split a burger, large fry, and gelato shake with someone (if you can possibly agree what to get) as we did get a ton of food.  Definitely, DEFINITELY get the dipping sauces.  Experiment with adding them to your burger, fries, and different combinations.  Its great!