Snackin’ Around Disney: Animal Kingdom

Many people skip Animal Kingdom on short trips (even we do if we’re there for a weekend), or its a half day park.  Right now, Animal Kingdom closes around 7pm, leaving the evening open for dinner, Disney Springs, or another park.  But, Animal Kingdom is going to debut their new nighttime experience Rivers of Light very soon, which will add some much needed nighttime flair to the park.

Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  The seating is for the upcoming nighttime show “Rivers of Light”

That being said, Animal Kingdom is a really fun park with lots of great experiences.  Its one of the best themed parks, with tons of little details to check out.  Be sure to check out the two walking trails, Maharajah Jungle Trek which takes you past tigers, and the Gorilla Falls Exploration trail which takes you past, you guessed it, gorillas.  I also recommend taking the Wildlife Express Train over to the Conservation Station, where you can see live animal encounters (we saw a giant bunny rabbit last time!), meet Rafiki and Chip and Dale, and go to the petting zoo.  Finally, try out the trails around the Tree of Life, you can see the intricate carvings on the tree close up and see some of the animals that live around the tree as well.  All in all, there are tons of places to go and explore in Animal Kingdom, which is one of my favorite things about the park.

The Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We didn’t eat a big lunch at Animal Kingdom.  Instead, we had falafel from Mr. Kamal’s in Asia, and the Teriyaki Beef Slider from Caravan Road, which is right across from Mr. Kamal’s.  I believe these are both open seasonally, so if you find them open, definitely try them for some lighter food options.

Falafel ($4.99) and Teriyaki Beef Slider ($5.49) from Mr. Kamal’s and Caravan Road

Both of these cost a snack credit (we didnt have the dining plan so we paid cash), and you really dont get a ton of food.  If you’re looking for a snack, they are different from the standard Disney options, and quite tasty.  Both the falafel and the teriyaki beef slider had a little bit of spice to them, which added some “flair” to the portion.  The falafel came with tzatziki for dipping (I’ve talked about my love for tzatziki before…), and the teriyaki beef slider came on a soft, pillowy bun with a pickle.  We stood at a table near the food kiosks to eat, but there is a small seating area that overlooks the Tree of Life near Mr. Kamal’s.

Seating area in the Asia section of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Let me let you in on a low-key “Disney Hack.”  You can get free ice water from any kiosk that sells fountain soda in the parks.  We rarely ever pay for drinks at Disney unless we want alcohol or soda.  Some bring a refillable bottle in, which is also a good idea, but the ice water on a hot day is pretty great.  Sometimes its a small cup and sometimes its a large, it depends on the kiosk.  Either way its free if you ask for an ice water.

Free ice water from Mr. Kamal’s in Animal Kingdom.  You can see the famous Animal Kingdom paper straw on the left, used due to the large presence of animals in the park!

So, Drinking Ever After, what are your thoughts on snacks at Animal Kingdom?

I like to eat a light lunch at the parks, as I dont really like the feeling of being overly full and walking around AND I like to sample lots of different things.  These portions are pretty small for the price, but I really liked both options (the falafel was better than the slider, though).  Plus, I loved that they were a different from the standard fries, chicken tenders, etc. options at Disney.  Not that I dont love chicken tenders and fries, but sometimes you want something a little different, you know?!  Anyway, if you can, try the falafel at least.


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